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The Pixel Project – Wall of Support

Recorded this last Sunday, at work. Yes I know, I’ve been spending way too much time in the office. Anyhoo, this is for a project I am/was sorta involved in (can’t give it much time these days) – The Pixel … Continue reading

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Help! I can’t get up!

It’s been a long week, and it’s only Tuesday Wednesday*. Here’s a video to perk you up if you’re feeling the blues like I am. Thanks, AJ. *Every day, I’m confronted with proof that I’m getting older. Today’s little discovery … Continue reading

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Andy McKee playing ‘Drifting’

I stumbled into the arms of an amazing fingerstyle guitarist today. No, not Tommy Emmanuel. StumbleUpon, that nifty surfing tool, introduced me to Andy McKee playing a song he wrote called ‘Drifting’. I immediately forwarded it to my guitar buddies … Continue reading

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Music Binge

Over the past few days, I have found myself addicted to downloading mp3s ever since I rediscovered mp3 blogs and mp3 blog aggregators like The Hype Machine. When I say addicted, I mean seriously addicted, to the point that I … Continue reading

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And to put life into perspective again…

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Extreme Whiteboarding Since I don’t have time to blog, I’ll just post something special I saw today. Enjoy!

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Learn Engrish with the Zuiikin Gals

Too fat? Too lazy to go gym? It’s time for some aerobics with the Zuiikin Gals. By the way, they teach Engrish too.

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