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Finding your soul at the bottom of a well*

Sometimes you lose your way in the midst of a prolonged testing period. You get depressed because help doesn’t arrive when it should, things are spiralling out of control, and you’re confronted with problems that shouldn’t be yours but are … Continue reading

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Help! I can’t get up!

It’s been a long week, and it’s only Tuesday Wednesday*. Here’s a video to perk you up if you’re feeling the blues like I am. Thanks, AJ. *Every day, I’m confronted with proof that I’m getting older. Today’s little discovery … Continue reading

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What did *you* get for Christmas?

“So, what did you get for Christmas?” Paul my Brit CD asked as I brewed my regular morning coffee at the pantry. “Um… nothing,” I said. “Except maybe… life? Eternal life? From Jesus?” I grinned. “Wow, cooooool!” he enthused. “I … Continue reading

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Twitchy fingers / Are you looking for a job?

On Sunday, my left thumb started to twitch for no reason. On Monday, the spasms alternated between my thumb and index finger. Today, if I’d been holding a gun with my left hand, a lot of people would be dead. … Continue reading

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If only there was a purple dinosaur outside the window…

The most unthinkable thing has happened. I’m bored… in Sydney. I feel so restless I am actually blogging about feeling restless. Arrrrggghh. It’s drizzling outside but I’m stuck here waiting for the next research participant to arrive. Yesterday at KLIA, … Continue reading

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Sydney in winter

The winter winds in Sydney are like gails compared to the tame air-conditioning I’m used to in KL. For lunch break, I crept out to Coles in Central and did a spot of grocery shopping, which I’ve always found to … Continue reading

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Sydney, I’m here!

24 hours ago, I was aboard MH123 en route to Sydney, sandwiched between two guys–on my left was Paul, my Brit CD, and on my right, an unidentified young man from India. Suffice to say, I’ve had better flights. The … Continue reading

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