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Finding your soul at the bottom of a well*

Sometimes you lose your way in the midst of a prolonged testing period. You get depressed because help doesn’t arrive when it should, things are spiralling out of control, and you’re confronted with problems that shouldn’t be yours but are … Continue reading

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Life is Boring

It was Friday night after a long week at work, and I was bored. A 4-day weekend lay ahead, full of the promise of unhurried mornings and sufficient rest. What better way to start it off by chillin’ at a … Continue reading

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As the clock ticks, my body tocks.

This is my last hour as a twenty-something. Of late, I’ve been feeling apprehensive as I encroach the border into another decade, another demographic, although I know from the existence of overweight uncles and aunties that billions before me have … Continue reading

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The chasm between Life and Death

Lump jumped over But I fell in It’s now a month Still grieving, still grieving

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I’m off work today cos someone has offered to cook me an early dinner! And I’ve got some errands to run, which I *hope* I can run since I’m still stuck at home procrastinating and trying to finish this damn … Continue reading

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The Ramsey case and the death penalty

There’s an interesting article on Slate this week: Live and Learn: JonBenet Ramsey and the death penalty. Twelve years ago, a young beauty queen called JonBenet was murdered. In the course of the highly publicised case, suspicions fell heavily on … Continue reading

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What’s the meaning of ‘forever’? No, seriously. It’s so often used in songs (especially worship songs) that we sorta accept it but personally, when I try to imagine ‘forever’, it seems like a reaaaaaaalllly looooooooooong time–way too much for my … Continue reading

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