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One Future – by Tan Chui Mui

Loved this film. It’s part of Pete Teo’s 15Malaysia short film project. If you haven’t watched any of the films, please go do so immediately. Malaysia’s got talent, and a bunch of filmmakers with a potent commentary on society and … Continue reading

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‘Beware the demands of 916’ – Malaysiakini article

Got this in the mail. If you’re a Malaysian, this is worth reading and mulling over. Beware the demands of 916 Sim Kwang Yang | Sep 6, 08 10:50am De facto Pakatan Rakyat leader and newly-minted parliamentary Opposition Leader … Continue reading

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I am a pig / Arrested dev / Fa la la la!

Slept a ton yesterday. Worked till rather late Monday night; after dinner, the hall felt like a bedroom, so I slept on the armchair from 10.30pm till about 7am Tues morn. Got up, took out my lenses, then went back … Continue reading

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The Reality of Censorship

One of the speakers at WWRP5 was Shanon Shah–recording artiste and now director of Amnesty International, Malaysia. He was the only male speaker invited; I mean, how many male feminists do you know anyway? As a speaker, he’s natural, personable … Continue reading

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BERSIH / Beings

Last weekend, yellow was the colour on everyone’s lips. I’d forgotten about the Bersih rally until my sis called and said it was jammed everywhere; did I want a lift to church for worship practice? Then she proceeded to tell … Continue reading

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KL / Sepuluh Tahun Sebelum Merdeka

I don’t like KL. It’s filthy, chaotic, and littered with shady characters acting as if they own the place. After sundown, it gets worse. The high-pitched sounds of traffic are replaced by dark desires that rumble in low decibels. The … Continue reading

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Of Language and Sex

I’ve been conducting some Top Secret Research in KL for the past two days. This week’s schedule ends tomorrow, but the whole of next week is all about shaking hands and disinfecting them with unadulterated brainpower alone, while doing my … Continue reading

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