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Finding your soul at the bottom of a well*

Sometimes you lose your way in the midst of a prolonged testing period. You get depressed because help doesn’t arrive when it should, things are spiralling out of control, and you’re confronted with problems that shouldn’t be yours but are … Continue reading

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The Pixel Project – Wall of Support

Recorded this last Sunday, at work. Yes I know, I’ve been spending way too much time in the office. Anyhoo, this is for a project I am/was sorta involved in (can’t give it much time these days) – The Pixel … Continue reading

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Which way is she spinning?

I’ve always found this fascinating. It’s fun too, once you get used to switching between your left and right brains so you see the girl spinning alternate ways. By default, I usually start off seeing the girl spinning to the … Continue reading

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Life is Boring

It was Friday night after a long week at work, and I was bored. A 4-day weekend lay ahead, full of the promise of unhurried mornings and sufficient rest. What better way to start it off by chillin’ at a … Continue reading

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Help! I can’t get up!

It’s been a long week, and it’s only Tuesday Wednesday*. Here’s a video to perk you up if you’re feeling the blues like I am. Thanks, AJ. *Every day, I’m confronted with proof that I’m getting older. Today’s little discovery … Continue reading

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One Future – by Tan Chui Mui

Loved this film. It’s part of Pete Teo’s 15Malaysia short film project. If you haven’t watched any of the films, please go do so immediately. Malaysia’s got talent, and a bunch of filmmakers with a potent commentary on society and … Continue reading

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As the clock ticks, my body tocks.

This is my last hour as a twenty-something. Of late, I’ve been feeling apprehensive as I encroach the border into another decade, another demographic, although I know from the existence of overweight uncles and aunties that billions before me have … Continue reading

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