As the clock ticks, my body tocks.

This is my last hour as a twenty-something.

Of late, I’ve been feeling apprehensive as I encroach the border into another decade, another demographic, although I know from the existence of overweight uncles and aunties that billions before me have crossed into the big Three-Oh without any major hiccup (wrinkles are a different matter). The melancholia is setting in. I used to tell myself that heck, Jesus didn’t begin his public ministry till he was 30, so I’ve still got some time to muck around and figure this life out. Now I’m minutes away from my Deadline to be Enlightened. While a part of me feels rather adult and responsible, the other part of me is as clueless as a city chicken. Cluck. Cluck. 😐

On another note, thank you parents, family, friends and God for looking after me all these years. I wouldn’t be Me if it weren’t for you.

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