A Snake Visits Us

All I had wanted was a cup of cold milk heaped with Aussie Milo, to go with the book I was reading. Instead, I entered the kitchen to find my dad holding a stick, beating at the orange-tiled floor.

“There’s a snake there.”

“What?!” I squinted, and figured it would be far better for my survival if I could actually SEE the snake. I scooted up to get my glasses. Upstairs, I told my mum about the snake.

“What?!” she cried, panic and disbelief in her voice.

“Lalalalala…” I trotted downstairs as she followed suit.

In our 30 years+ of staying at this house, I don’t recall any snake visits. Maybe my parents might tell you otherwise since they are older and have seen more things, but generally, snakes don’t slither in through our doors every other day, which you know, is a good thing. So this piece of news was a surprise.

“Kill it lah, what are you waiting for?!” my mum ordered my dad who was standing around, looking at the baby snake.

“Use hot water!” I suggested. “But first, hmmm… why don’t you wear shoes?” as I ran out to put on a pair of slippers for ‘protection’.

Sighing, probably more from having to take orders from a bunch of women than having to murder an (innocent) animal, my dad took the flask of hot water and held it up over the snake tentatively, muttering something I couldn’t hear.

“Sorry?!” screamed my mum. “Why are you saying ‘sorry’ to the snake–just kill it!”

Reluctantly, my dad poured hot water over the thin brown creature which measured not more than 1 foot. It was curled up loosely at Lump’s old fav spot–under the pink stool. “Sorry, boy.” Now that I heard.

“It’s an earthworm lah, not a snake!” said my mum suddenly, as the thing jumped and wriggled under the heat, slowly turning more rubbery and grey. My dad poured another round of hot water on it. It struggled, and ceased to move.

“It’s a snake lah,” I said. “Look at its triangular head!”

True enough, it had a small triangular head, which my dad later said meant that it was probably a cobra, and poisonous. My mum was worried that its mother might be nearby, but my dad thought that it came from the outside drain.

However, drains don’t give birth to snakes the last I checked, so I think my household will need to be a  bit more vigilant in the upcoming days. Not forgetting, to keep our glasses on.

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