Long Live Lump, the Smartest Rabbit Ever

It’s been three Sundays since Lump died. We–Mum, Poofie and I–buried him in a makeshift grave in the garden after Mum came home from church (it was also Jeena’s dedication in church that morn, which I missed). I didn’t invite my dad cos truth be told, I was afraid he’d spoil the moment with an insensitive comment or complaint about why we had to dig in the hot sun, or why we still wanted to fuss over a dead rabbit by giving it a proper burial. I wasn’t in the mood to handle all that crap.

We dug a hole, put Lump in, discovered it wasn’t long enough for his legs, which were stiff and sticking out, so we took him out and made the hole bigger. Then we lowered him back in. He fit. It was almost time to say goodbye.

We each handpicked a selection of flora he liked from our garden and dropped those in for good memories. Under the sweltering sun, my sweat and tears mixed with the scent of the earth. I looked at Lump, wrapped in swaddling cloths (which were in reality two tea towels we used to dry him with after his baths). A few minutes before, I’d stroked his luxuriously soft and thick fur for the last time. Inanimate, he was like a soft toy I wished I could keep forever, but I knew that maggots and the stench of death would soon overturn that.

Then, in gentle, respectful scoops, the earth began to cover him. And Lump, my dearest rabbit, was no more.

Earl Grey @ Lump
Born November 2004
Died 14 September 2008

You had soul, character, intelligence and cuteness.
What more could a rabbit owner ask for? I miss you.
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4 Responses to Long Live Lump, the Smartest Rabbit Ever

  1. otherwiserich says:

    May Lump rest in peace……

  2. sue wern says:

    Long live Lump! He was a beautiful smart little bunny!

  3. hc says:

    sorry to hear about Lump…

  4. Suffian says:

    RIP Lump. I can’t imagine what it’s like when pets die. I hope both of my cats live forever.

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