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‘Beware the demands of 916’ – Malaysiakini article

Got this in the mail. If you’re a Malaysian, this is worth reading and mulling over. Beware the demands of 916 Sim Kwang Yang | Sep 6, 08 10:50am De facto Pakatan Rakyat leader and newly-minted parliamentary Opposition Leader … Continue reading

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Kau Ilhamku

Am listening to myself and Zara cover ‘Kau Ilhamku’. It was the first time we’d met, at my house, after exchanging a (credible) number of emails and IM-ing till daybreak. I picked her up from Damansara Heights, and it felt … Continue reading

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Twitchy fingers / Are you looking for a job?

On Sunday, my left thumb started to twitch for no reason. On Monday, the spasms alternated between my thumb and index finger. Today, if I’d been holding a gun with my left hand, a lot of people would be dead. … Continue reading

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