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The bands I’m missing

This week and next, Sydneysiders get to partay to Sigur Ros (Saturday), Cold War Kids (Monday), Vampire Weekend (Monday) and Band of Horses (Tues). Of course, I’ll be missing them all, though I’m not too bothered about Sigur Ros or … Continue reading

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Toilets for the teenage shemale

Just saw this story on BBC: Thai school offers transsexual toilet. I’ve wondered why there are more transsexuals, ladyboys and crossdressers in Thailand than almost anywhere else in the world. What’s so different about their food and culture that raises … Continue reading

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Go to bed, sleepyhead

Most of central Sydney’s asleep, save for the late-night riders in cars without destinations, cruising 29 floors below me on glistening black, wet streets. I listen. At 3am, Hymns of the 49th Parallel is a fitting distraction from the copy … Continue reading

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Going nudie

Nudie fruit juice is amazing. After plodding back to the hotel in the rain and out again to Woolies, under winds so powerful they turned my mum’s Mickey Mouse umbrella into a Mickey Mouse flower, my body felt wrecked. Yet … Continue reading

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If only there was a purple dinosaur outside the window…

The most unthinkable thing has happened. I’m bored… in Sydney. I feel so restless I am actually blogging about feeling restless. Arrrrggghh. It’s drizzling outside but I’m stuck here waiting for the next research participant to arrive. Yesterday at KLIA, … Continue reading

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The Ramsey case and the death penalty

There’s an interesting article on Slate this week: Live and Learn: JonBenet Ramsey and the death penalty. Twelve years ago, a young beauty queen called JonBenet was murdered. In the course of the highly publicised case, suspicions fell heavily on … Continue reading

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What’s the meaning of ‘forever’? No, seriously. It’s so often used in songs (especially worship songs) that we sorta accept it but personally, when I try to imagine ‘forever’, it seems like a reaaaaaaalllly looooooooooong time–way too much for my … Continue reading

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