A shawl for the long haul

I was recently influenced by a friend to consider the humble shawl (over a jacket/sweater) as a source of warmth and comfort in chilly offices, cinemas and whatnot. “See, and you can easily stuff it into a bag and bring it around!” she exclaimed.

Point taken.

The other thing that lured me into buying one is that in my opinion, a shawl offers the wearer a softer, more regal look. There’s instantaneous grace and poise in a shawl. In fact, you can even hide your burping sessions in a shawl–people will just think you’re covering your mouth because you have a cold. It’s that powerful. For someone who isn’t typically dressed in a feminine fashion, this image ‘enhancement’ was a tempting proposition.

So for the price of RM44.90, I bought a shawl last week. It’s stripey indigo-turquoise-white-olive green-black. Made in India. Not the electrostatic type that glues you to all surfaces. I like it, and already feel more ladylike.

Now the only problem is, whenever I wear it, I also feel that it is my superpower cape, and I am transformed into some sort of superhero-villain in it. Even the way I put it on, swinging it over my shoulders and such, must be done with an impressive swooooooosh! and a conspiratorial smirk. Hee hee. (SMIRK)

I wonder if I’ll ever grow up.

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