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The year the bridges burned

This was the year the bridges burned. Through its ruins I ploughed scalded my lungs past the sulphur gases that left me blind, mute, nauseous. Struggling towards you I found a Wall–impenetrable– built to keep you in and others out. … Continue reading

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a wet christmas poem

here is one with a large heart skinnydipping in a swell of emotions untainted by the lexigrapher look! a flash of flesh like a line of thread pulling two oceans together float (rest) float (rest) i am the one with … Continue reading

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I am a pig / Arrested dev / Fa la la la!

Slept a ton yesterday. Worked till rather late Monday night; after dinner, the hall felt like a bedroom, so I slept on the armchair from 10.30pm till about 7am Tues morn. Got up, took out my lenses, then went back … Continue reading

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Friday, 3pm chat with colleague from tech team

COLLEAGUE: (Gazing out the window in the pantry at the wet, grey sky) Ah, how nice if can sleep now… the weather outside… ME: That’s why they don’t give you windows. COLLEAGUE: Ha. Good point. PAUSE COLLEAGUE: Actually, they do … Continue reading

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A Serious Take on Humour

“Accidents happen.” – From the apron of an O’Brien’s waitress, where I had dinner with a friend tonight Sometimes, life (or God) throws us unusual fodder for laughter, to break the ice, to neutralise shared ground. In a mere few … Continue reading

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The Reality of Censorship

One of the speakers at WWRP5 was Shanon Shah–recording artiste and now director of Amnesty International, Malaysia. He was the only male speaker invited; I mean, how many male feminists do you know anyway? As a speaker, he’s natural, personable … Continue reading

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Saturday Low Flyers

It’s been a busy week back at work. Had my longest day in the office on Thursday since starting the current job.  I remember slotting the parking ticket into the machine at the exit and it clocked 2.42am. Then, as … Continue reading

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