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KL / Sepuluh Tahun Sebelum Merdeka

I don’t like KL. It’s filthy, chaotic, and littered with shady characters acting as if they own the place. After sundown, it gets worse. The high-pitched sounds of traffic are replaced by dark desires that rumble in low decibels. The … Continue reading

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Buku Muka

I’ll tell you a secret. I’m addicted to Facebook. Since my boss (older than me by at least a decade) mentioned in a meeting that he’s on Facebook, I figured I should succumb to the hype and jump on the … Continue reading

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Sickensore / Lab Rats

Two paper cuts and one sore throat mark the end of a week cooped up in a very small, very white and very cold research facility in downtown KL. For company, I had a sick research partner, loads of A3 … Continue reading

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Of Language and Sex

I’ve been conducting some Top Secret Research in KL for the past two days. This week’s schedule ends tomorrow, but the whole of next week is all about shaking hands and disinfecting them with unadulterated brainpower alone, while doing my … Continue reading

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Post No. 100 (+1)

Wow! I just realised the previous post was post no. 100. I am a certified blogger now! (By my own standards.) Wheee!

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Saharadja at Mont Kiara Jazz Fest

I had been looking forward to the Merdeka gig at No Black Tie, which was meant to be a night of poetry and music featuring the likes of Amir Muhammad, Azmyl Yunor, Pang, Mia Palencia and Isaac Entry. However, when … Continue reading

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