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31 August, Merdeka

Jalur Gemilang, Melaka, 2004 Happy 50th Merdeka!!! A strangely silent pause. Just what’s so happy about it though, I can’t tell. I’m sure it’s something to do with being free from colonial rule, something-something about being independent, and maybe a … Continue reading

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Lennie develops on the night of the lunar eclipse

The blank Polaroid lay flat on the table. “Shake it! Shake it!” I said excitedly. “No! That’s the wrong way,” said Rach. “You’ll mix all the colours up.” Tickled by the cleverness of the sentence in her head, Rach grinned … Continue reading

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Fried Green Tomatoes

Last weekend’s Pay Less Books sale saw me scavenging for cheap reads. In less than an hour, I’d rounded up 7 books. The first to be devoured was Fannie Flagg’s Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. My verdict: … Continue reading

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Today, I understood a bit of what a monkey, squirrel, bird, panda, tiger, fern, crawler experiences when it loses its hideout to men in chainsaws and tractors. You feel bare. You feel like you could run for a thousand miles … Continue reading

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Neighbours Pt II (Wildlife edition)

A fly sticking around before the rain A cat imitating a punk headbanger after the rain (click to zoom)

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Rabbit vs. Grandma

Rabbits are territorial, and so are grandmothers. If you lived in my house, you’d soon realise that the toilet downstairs is akin to a battlefield where a silent but tense power struggle is waged out every day between rabbit and … Continue reading

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One rainy Saturday a few weeks ago, I decided to document my neighbours. I must admit, I’ve never spoken to any of them. My family used to trade New Year cookies for Raya ones with the neighbour on the right, … Continue reading

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