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Cheers, Mate

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with… B! ~ Beer. Also known as:– belly girth enhancer– burping agent– better days ahead This is an early celebration for the latter. (Crosses fingers in hope that it’s not premature. Otherwise, … Continue reading

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reCAPTCHA & Other Reads

You know how leaving comments on people’s blogs sometimes involves having to figure out some squiggly alphabets that are hard to read? Well, I just learned that some of these are linked to reCAPTCHA, a programme that digitises old scanned … Continue reading

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Music Binge

Over the past few days, I have found myself addicted to downloading mp3s ever since I rediscovered mp3 blogs and mp3 blog aggregators like The Hype Machine. When I say addicted, I mean seriously addicted, to the point that I … Continue reading

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IRRESISTIBLY HOT Angora male, two and a half years old, seeks companionship of funny, friendly rabbits or humans of any gender. If you like playing catch, stroking soft surfaces, having a warm rug of high-quality fur under your feet, or … Continue reading

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Aged Dawgs

Reading the news can make you laugh. Really: TOKYO – Japan will get its first nursing home for dogs with round-the-clock monitoring by doctors and a team of puppies to help aging pooches feel younger, a pet products company said … Continue reading

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Stuff you don’t want to hear at night

After waiting weeks for my Spidey 2 download to finish, I sit down in a semi-comfortable chair, turn off the lights and double-click the file only to find that… IT’S IN FRENCH!!!!! 😦 ~ There are two big yellow tractors … Continue reading

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Book Bug

For reasons unclear, the Boss decided to give the Workers workers an off day on Friday (and Saturday), so I started on J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, a classic published in 1951 that has courted a fair amount … Continue reading

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