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To Pastor Tim (whom I’d call Timmeh, but for fear of incurring that swallowed-annoyance look)

“Hello, Pastor.” Kampung Jus, Melaka, July ’05 (Whee!!! Check out my eyebrows!!) You don’t need to worry if you left an impact. You did. Thank you for praying with me through dead-ends and my darkest days. Your quiet joy in … Continue reading

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Lina Joy

Triumphant shouts of “Allahu Akhbar”—meaning, God is great—greeted the landmark ruling passed today in Malaysia’s highest court. Since 7.30am, 300-odd Muslim supporters from 80 different Islamic bodies had begun joining the concerned and the curious outside the courthouse. Whatever the … Continue reading

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Planets, to Scale

Remember that chart in school, with the nine planets in our solar system drawn on it like one happy family? Well, that’s a big bullish lie. On Friday, I read the second chapter of Bill Bryson’s A Short History of … Continue reading

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To Anybody, and Nobody

I think, wistfully, of you then of all the missed chances stillborn in my sleep.

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Teabags & Tears

I am sitting with a damp, used teabag lodged between the plastic lens of my spectacles and a shut left eye. The words ‘Cane’s Green Tea’ dangle freely from the upturned bag, rustling in the fan breeze against my static … Continue reading

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Staring into the screen, I see stars

I want to elopewith your waywardwordsyour yellowed skinfingeredfranticfound feverishin intentof emancipating mefrom cubicle hell

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A Public Appearance on a Public Holiday

Meet Zara. She’s a malnourished vegan who doesn’t want to eat animals because “I love animals”. While I don’t doubt her sincerity (two years of being a vegan might have saved err… 3 cows, 2 goats and a few hundred … Continue reading

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