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And to put life into perspective again…


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An Inconvenient Truth

I am two miles from the sun. Two miles from combusting. Two bloody miles from being consumed. My anger hides, but I know its colour. White. Not righteous or holy. White. The same perverted white in your spit-laced words. The … Continue reading

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Babies: A lazy Sunday post

My niece is learning to walk and talk. I’ll teach her some really cool stuff soon, like how to say, “My name is Apu Nahasapeemapetilon and I work at the Kwik-E-mart” real quick and with an Indian accent, or “My … Continue reading

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Battle Wounds

Felix’s This guy’s scar is scary. For those without an imagination, that’s what your arm will look like if you break it three times at the same spot. For those with an imagination, that’s what your arm will look like … Continue reading

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Sounds like SG$48,000 (or not)

Three guys. One girl. Three days. One car. SaturdayLate! Jon forgot his passport and so we left late.Jam! Stupid roadworks on the North-South highway delayed us further.Rain! The conspiracy was beginning. Obviously the Government paid money to some skilled cloud … Continue reading

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Why God Likes Some People

Let me first state that whatever follows is theoretical, not theological. A mere hypothesis based on personal experiences, expounded to a supernatural being called God. It is an observation, a feeling, a thought; nothing that should deserve more than a … Continue reading

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Friday the 13th Pt. 2

Oooh! It’s the second time I’m blogging about Friday the 13th. This time, the ominous day has just started. (SFX: Cue pipe organs) My mum has just complained that my bedroom’s table fan was BLACK. Black as soot, she says. … Continue reading

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