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Broken Things Break Me

A loud thump; wood on cement. D string meets D-Day. The murderer, a Higher Power whose mention here would prove bad workplace etiquette. Darkness where light should be. My camera is blind. So am I. Car woes. Second-hand car woes. … Continue reading

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R-evolution, Revelation

Someone I know thinks we came from monkeys. I guess that’s what he means when he says I am ignoring the ‘scientific explanation’ of one of life’s profoundest mysteries: Where do we come from? My revelation today is not that … Continue reading

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Mike Tries to Evade the Camera While Tying His Tie

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Joanna, ‘Gift of God’

Here are the first pics I’m posting of my niece Joanna. She’s almost a year old in these pics (taken in January), but she’s now really one year, one month and one week. Rock on, baby. (Btw, that’s my sister … Continue reading

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