So. I’ve been jobless since… I don’t remember since when. Life has taken on an other-worldly appearance, mainly illuminated by fluorescent lights and a flickering computer monitor. My days begin at 3pm and end at 6am, when the azan five houses down my road starts blasting. Plus or minus an hour, depending on whether I’m having a cool, weird dream or can’t sleep because the noisy neighbours are waking up.

One of the main benefits of staying at home is that I’ve been ‘bonding’ with my parents. Not a lot, but at least it’s a positive start. My family’s the traditional kind and we don’t talk about stuff. Especially, stuff. You know what I mean. So the little that we share in the open is appreciated. Those from close-knit families might not understand, but those who can’t remember their father ever hugging them probably would.

That’s all I’ll say for now. Maybe being tight-lipped runs in the family.

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1 Response to Bonding

  1. Anonymous says:

    i understand. i really do. and you guys at church are family to me already. 🙂 -pg-

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