Poor Lump

My pet went to the vet today. He didn’t have a very good experience. Here’s what I want to say to him, but I can’t speak in Rabbit language.

I’m so sorry, Lump, I couldn’t afford to bring you to that posh Yeoh Vet in Taman Megah even though I wanted to. You already get quite a shitty deal being my pet. I’m sorry that I did not listen to my intuition when we approached this Sea Park vet, where you had that enema pushed up your private parts the first time. I did not like the vet, who didn’t seem to know what to do or how to handle rabbits. But I know the previous treatment kinda worked and you pulled through, so against my better judgment, that’s why you were there again today.

I’m angry at myself for not saying anything when that stupid young vet pulled you out of the carrier by your ears. It must have hurt helluva lot. I’ve read that humans are never, ever supposed to carry rabbits by their ears because ears are sensitive. Maybe this bugger learnt something else in vet school, but to fault him publicly might have meant more abuse and rough treatment for you behind closed doors. I only hoped you’d prove yourself one tough rabbit.

Ten minutes back home, and still you don’t want to leave your carrier. I guess in whatever rabbit understanding you have, you think you can’t trust us. Us, your owners, and us, humans. I’m sorry all this happened.

I hope you don’t have a long memory and this traumatising experience will be forgotten soon. Today just wasn’t a good day on your rabbit calendar. Now please, please poo properly, try not to get it stuck onto your fur, and stop eating the paint off the walls. I love you, but you really need to change your diet.

Take care, Lump. I’ll try to get you a garden to run in soon.

Me… you know, the owner of the legs you like to run around

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1 Response to Poor Lump

  1. thundered cat says:

    that’s so sweet… i hope lump is better. how’s he doing now? any luck in passing motion? i know the ‘wrong vet’ mistake too… hope you’re feeling better as well 🙂

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