Memories of My Memory

It’s been one week since my return from Australia. I have been sorely missed by the heat and the haze, both of which seem intent on smothering me to death with their fiery kisses. One week is also the ideal incubation period for social readjustment, and for recent experiences to settle in.

As I age, I have wisened up to the sad fact that my memory is not what it used to be. Or maybe I’m not trying hard enough. You see, I believe that the more emotionally involved you are in an experience, the higher your recall of it. Hence, the general failings of my memory may suggest that I have been a self-centred, bored prick all my life with a superficial sense of the present, thus resulting in a past that ‘just happened’.

Even if I am proved wrong, time messes up the facts anyway. For instance, I remember being a smart and skinny kid, but if I were really that smart, I’d also probably be rich now… and still skinny. Hmm…

It is for these reasons—and alas, just in case I run out of happy thoughts in the future—that I have decided to devote some time and energy into journalling about my trip to Australia, which was a blast and would be a total shame to forget. And because I write at about one word per minute, plus minus a few seconds, most of the adventure will be rehashed in pictures.

(Ha! 246 words and it’s 12.37pm now. That’s quadruple my usual speed! What progress.)

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1 Response to Memories of My Memory

  1. HuiChuan says:

    Lol! Well, i think it might just be the inevitable ‘change’. What used to matter a lot in the past, doesn’t seem to have a grip somehow now…lol! Dunno, but it happens to me too la. I used to think that i was a sentimental kid who used to treasure many things and had a good record of journals and stuff too. Well, i dunno where have those feelings dissipated to, and memories of what used to be dear somehow are seen in a different light now. Hmm…then again, it might just be an excuse for laziness…or a justification of growing up…lol!

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