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Darn you Melina. You and your five-string bass. Kicking ass like nobody’s business. You literally floored me and everyone else, including every (male) bassist who played tonight. Totally. You’re like the Fingers of the female muso community. Males too. That … Continue reading

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What is it about the night that beckons me? Is it the quiet, the solitude, the space and time to think? Thoughts still under its gravity, straying to loved ones past and present. Under the same sky, we are now … Continue reading

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Marilah Mari, Pergi Mengundi

“Marilah mari, pergi mengundi,Jangan lupa kewajipan pada negara” I finally registered as a voter last Thursday. It was all a matter of coincidence: I went to Carrefour and so did the mobile registration booth. It took all of one minute. … Continue reading

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A Tribute to a Friend

He had wrinkles at the corners of his eyes from smiling too much. “I should use more moisturiser,” he once said, grinning, as though sincerely apologising for the natural ravages of time. He sang along heartily to ‘You’ve Got A … Continue reading

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Many times we start something with the best of intentions. We hang on to Hope – that most courageous thread; that most convenient outcome. We suspend our doubts for just as long as is needed to ground our feet in … Continue reading

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